What We're About

Our Mission

To create a better, sustainable, all access system for Americans to fund entrepreneurs; our community builders, job creators and problem solvers. This is Pop Venture.

Why This Is Critical

The current venture capital system is inadequate and excludes most of the population.

Millions of growing companies are shut out because they don’t fit the VC model which is a unicorn in specific sector with a connected founder from the right school, of the right gender and race and located in California New York or Massachusetts.

Most venture capital goes to only three states, denying the other 47 states and the 264 million Americans who live there, the advantages that come from funded companies, like good jobs, healthy communities, tax revenue, and much more. (NVCA.org)

This problem is the greatest driver of inequality in the U.S. and the greatest divider of Americans.

Open The Doors For Everyone

Currently, venture funds are open only to rich (accredited) people who know the right venture capitalists.

Investing in venture stage companies is more lucrative than investing in publicly traded corporations and yet 99.99% of Americans are unable to participate. There are only 3,105 active venture investors in the U.S. making all the big decisions impacting 325 million Americans. (NVCA.org)

This is the greatest contributor to the wealth gap and inequality in a divided America.

Solution: Make venture popular! Invite everyone to join and everyone wins. That’s Pop Venture.