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A Fund for All

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What is Pop Venture?

A revolutionary, regulated, full access fund. It’s the new way to invest. It’s the new way to get funded.
Through interactive entertainment, all Americans get access to the businesses we fund together. Buy $25.00 in shares to get in the game.

All get unbiased access to $1 million in friendly funding, plus a founder- driven diligence data room to grow, protect and keep control of your business.

All shareholders get access to the businesses approved by Pop Venture. Only Pop Venture gives all shareholders a voice and a vote, deciding which businesses get funded.

Why Pop Venture?

Pop Venture is unique because it’s a fund for all. Every American can buy shares and finally participate in the funding of innovative businesses.

Through interactive entertainment, shareholders get a vote and an inside view on our investments and the impact they have on our lives, communities and the world.

Pop Venture is how we recover as a united country creating jobs, solutions, equality and the renewed American Dream. We do it all…together.

Who uses Pop Venture?

Pop Venture Funds are open to the public so everyone can invest in themselves and others while fueling innovations that impact us all.

All entrepreneurs are invited to apply for funding and receive a revolutionary, founder-driven diligence software that saves founders time, protects their companies and keeps founders in control.

Change the game, for good.

Pop Venture is sustainable infrastructure built to be a better system for funding entrepreneurs.
It is a full-participation, inclusive, democratized system for all.

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